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Rules of Engagement for the Office Prankster!

We spend most of our adult lives at work, as such we often find ourselves having some fun along side our co-workers and bosses. Usually, joking around and playing some pranks on each other is a fun way to liven up an otherwise monotonous day. In fact, sharing a few laughs with your colleagues can actually boost morale, productivity and increase employee satisfaction.However, there are some guidelines to follow and we’ve listed them below. Otherwise, become the #OfficePrankster and enjoy all of the fun you have been missing out on. Read More

How to Handle Difficult People!

Everyday our lives are filled with both people we love and those who just completely rub us the wrong way. Difficult people can range from bad bosses, neighbors, significant others to friends, family and siblings. Here are some ideas on how to deal with difficult people. Read More

Send someone you like a Birthday Poo today!

Birthday Poo

While we can't be 100% Certain that this is the world's first Birthday Poo, we're pretty sure it is. So if you are looking to get something memorable for someone's birthday? Trust us they will never forget getting a poop on their birthday. Read More

Top 5 People to SendPoo to!

SendPoo is an anonymous service where we send a fake poo and your choice of message to somebody that has crossed you. We can even add some glitter to the poo! SendPoo is perfect for getting revenge or for having a laugh. We've compiled a list of the top 5 people/enemies you should SendPoo too! Certainly there are more and we'd love to hear your suggestions, e-mail us at

1. Bad Boss - The bad boss definitely comes in at #1. They can make your life miserable, taking credit for your ideas, critizing you at every opportunity, constantly nagging, passing you over for a promotion, and the list goes on. Worst part is that you can't easily get away, so you keep everything boiled up inside and it feels like you are trapped. This is where SendPoo comes in, send them a fake poo anonymously with one of our messages and they'll be sure to get the hint. So you'll get the pleasure of watching them open the poop but they'll never know it came from you.

2. Bad Business Experience - Do you feel ripped off by a sales person? Had shitty customer service at a local business? Bad restaurant experience? Can't get it out of your mind? Put your mind at ease and let these bsuinesses know what a shitty job they are doing?

3. The EX - Got dumped recently? Cheated on? So the relationship is over and it's time to move on, but sometimes it just ain't that easy. First you go through the sad mopey phase, but then kicks in the anger phase. Thoughts of wanting to key their car or vandalizing something else run through your mind. So to keep you out of prison, SendPoo instead. You still get your revenge but don't end up with a criminal record. Anonymously send that EX a fake poo slathered with some glitter and they'll definitely message. SendPoo is also great for the enemy that they cheated on you with!

4. Friends & Neighbors - Have your friends pissed you off? It happens all the time! Whether it's because they won't stop bragging or they keep hitting on your lady friend. Is your friend turning into an enemy? Either way it's time for them to get a poop in the mail. Sure you could unfriend them or bad mouth them, but that just makes things worse. SendPoo instead, they'll be giddy with excitement to learn that there's a package for them. Then they'll reach in a lay their had on that nice squishy fake poo we sent of your behalf. They'll never know you did it, but everyone will know that they got pooped on.

Do you have a neighbor that is always citing rules and by-laws? Always having parties, making too much noise? Or always complaining about something you are doing? It's tough to confront a neighbour since they live right beside you, so a lot of the time you just take the high road and let things go. But that's not healthy either, you need to get your message across too, so SendPoo to them. Pick out one of our fake poos, and hit it up with glitter. Then sit back and watch them trot out to the mailbox a grab the poo surprise you just sent. Revenge is sweet, but a revenge with a SendPoo and glitter is even sweeter.

You can also SendPoo to a friend as a joke, it doesn't always have to be for revenge. Sometimes it's nice to share a laugh with a friend. Know someone who's been having a shitty time recently? Send them a poo, because it's fake, it actually makes for a funny joke amongst friends. We'd suggest leaving out the optional glitter though.

5. Co-Worker - This is similar to the bad boss, a bad co-worker can also be toxic and tough to handle. It's hard when your co-worker is always acting like an eager beaver and making everyone else, like you, look bad. Usually their nose is so far up your boss' butt that you 'd think they'd have a fresh supply of poop. But one can never have too much poo, they need to have a poo sent to them. Best part is most likely they'll let your boss know that they recieved this wonderful surprise and their brown nosing antics will become a lot less effective. Plus you and your other co-workers will get a great laugh as they reach in and pull out a stiff piece of poo. Glitter with the SendPoo is definitely recommended for this situation.

These are the top 5 targets that we've come across, please let us know who else you SendPoo to

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