SendPoo Lil Poo Lil Poo
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SendPoo Shit Storm Shit Storm
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SendPoo Heavy Doody Heavy Doody
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Send a Poo in 3 easy steps!

1. Select one of our Fake Poops from our SendPoo Collection!
2. Pick one of our witty greetings
3. Enter the address of your target

What is SendPoo?

is the fun new way of pranking a co-worker, sharing a good laugh with a friend and for putting a smile on someone's face. Send a fake poop today!

  • Send a poo to a friend, co-worker, or a lover.
  • What about your Boss? Send them poo for fun too! Plus our service is anonymous so they won't know it came from you.
  • Send one to your brother, sister, mom or dad, and watch them try to figure out who sent them a poo!
  • Want to have a good laugh with a friend? Send them a Poo as a great joke! They'll be sure to get a good laugh when they get a fake poo in the mail!

is great way to play a joke on your friends, colleagues, anyone who wants to have a good laugh. With many Poo Greetings to choose from, you can select a message that right for you! Checkout the
SendPoo Collection

Shipping is FREE and they will never know it came from you!