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Heavy Doody
SendPoo Heavy Doody

Our Price: $12.00


A gift for a turd like you!
A turd pie for an asshole!
Enough of your BULLSHIT already!
Having a shitty day? SMILE!
Hey asshole, think your shit don't stink?
Roses are red, Violets are blue, You are a big Poo!
When you act like an ass, you get the poo!
Ya big Poo Poo head!
You are a giant TURD!
You are an ass and make people feel like shit!
You treat people like crap! Right back at you!

SendPoo's Heavy Doody is our most realistic SendPoo, it's rock hard like a poop after days of constipation! Once your target gets their hand on this turd, there's no mistaking the poop that's in their hands. Add an optional dusting of glitter to make this one shiny turd. Give someone a laugh today by sending a Heavy Doody!

Being the most realistic looking SendPoo, your friends will be shocked and grossed out for sure.

Please provide the details of the person you are sending poo to on the Checkout Page.

* Each order is limited to one SendPoo only. If you would like to send more than one SendPoo, please create a separate order.