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Received a SendPoo in the mail? Want to strike back at the sender? We can help!

No, we can't tell you which little turd sent you the surprise. But we can let you send one right back to them with your choice of SendPoo and Poo Greeting. All you need is the order number found on the shipping label. Strike back today and fire a SendPoo right back!

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SendPoo Butt Nugget Butt Nugget

The Butt Nugget is our medium sized SendPoo and is sticky, squishy and deforms when squeezed. It's also filled with liquid for a more realistic feel! When your target reaches into the envelope they are sure to be completely grossed out. You can even add an optional dusting of glitter.
Send your unsuspecting victim a Butt Nugget today!

Our Price: $12.00
SendPoo Heavy Doody Heavy Doody

It is our most realistic SendPoo, it's rock hard like a poop after days of constipation! Once your target gets their hand on this turd, there's no mistaking the shit that's in their hands. Add some optional glitter to further annoy your enemies.
Strike back today and get your revenge by sending a Heavy Doody!

Our Price: $12.00
SendPoo Lil Poo Lil Poo

SendPoo's Lil Poo is perfect for those who you want to put a smile on their face. It is our smallest, cutest SendPoo and is slightly sticky & very squishy. It is sure to gross out and delight your target. They can even use it as a stress ball or stress poo!
Have some fun and send a Lil Poo to someone you care about!

Our Price: $12.00
SendPoo Shit Storm Shit Storm

WARNING: SendPoo's Shit Storm may cause uncontrollable laughter!

The SendPoo Shit Storm is a package of all of our entire SendPoo collection. The Shit Storm contains a Lil Poo and a Butt Nugget for the sticky, squishy feeling. It also includes constipation formed Heavy Doody, our most realistic SendPoo. Not sure which poo to send? Then the Shit Storm is right for you, your friends will be sure to find the right poo for them!
Send your friends a bouquet of poo with the Shit Storm!

Our Price: $15.00